Measuring Success
Each service user has goals, which they determine in consultation with their circle of support and service commissioners and providers. These goals are continuously assessed and are discussed at regular service reviews. Parents, carers, service commissioners and any other relevant persons are invited to these reviews. The underlying principle of reviews is to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and success of the service with regard to a particular individual. This then allows future goals to be accurately identified and agreed.

What others say about us

Regular reviews with service users, their circles of support and service commissioners confirm that Parchment Trust services are valued and sought after.


An independent audit conducted by Frameworks4Change (Person Centred Approaches consultants appointed by East Sussex Adult Social Care) found:
  • strong and committed leadership;
  • a sense of purpose;
  • a creative approach; a relaxed atmosphere;
  • skilful support;
  • people finding a role which suited them;
  • productivity;
  • a common culture and concern for each others' welfare.
A police officer on a training placement at Friary Gardeners said in his report:

"Friary tries to cater for the needs of the individual by varying the level of support and responsibility and allowing them the freedom to take control."

In their Review Visit Report, the Charity Commissioners said:

"The Commission’s representatives confirmed that no issues of concern had been identified from the pre-visit scrutiny. The visit confirmed the impression that the charity was generally well run and had an organisational culture conducive to good governance."
A student who spent some time at Theaklen Drive said:

Just a few words about the couple of weeks I had with Parchment.


My two week stint with Parchment flew by. The warm welcome I received by all members of staff made me feel super comfortable and at ease to begin with, and the friendliness and gentleness of the service users purely extended this. There wasn't a day that I didn't enjoy - from mucking out pigs to being bombarded into a foam pit to chilling out and playing pool and table tennis, I can safely say I think I enjoyed working with Parchment as much as the guys enjoy attending. The levels of compassion, gentleness and patience that the members of staff showed the service users really astounded me; without fail a member of staff would be there to solve a potential situation, to comfort a distressed individual and to make sure every single person is listened to, content and purely enjoying theirselves and having a fantastic time. The freedom given to the service users in their choices of extensive ranges of activities is brilliant, allowing them to not only enjoy themselves but adopt new skills and continuously improve these.


So, thank you for the opportunity to work with Parchment. I feel truly enriched and delighted to have been part of your team! And I hope to catch up with you all in the future.


Thanks again,