Welcome to the Co-op Blog!

Here you may read about all the wonderful things our users have been getting up to. We also hope the blog will be a place where users talk about a variety of things, whether it be issues affecting them day to day or what they have been watching on TV recently. 

We aim to release a 'Weekly Update' every Friday, which gives a brief summary of the weeks events, as well as occasional blogs from staff and service users about the Parchment experience.

December 15, 2017

We had actual snow this week for the first time in years, which saw cancellations to schools and widespread disruption throughout the area. On Monday we woke up to good old fashioned rain, but shortly after arriving at the Co-op the rain become snow, and to our surprise it started to settle quickly on the damp ground. Staff were dispatched rapidly to grit the walkways and pavements. Excitement (and in a few cases, panic) set in, and before long we had to make the decision to close the service....

December 8, 2017

After a bit of a hiatus the blog is back! With 3 weeks worth of material to talk about, and lots of exiting happenings going on! We have had carol services, coffee mornings, and much other frivolity. 

Christmas Coffee Morning

A big thank you to everyone involved in our annual Christmas Coffee Morning. With your help we have managed to raise over £1800, our highest ever! 

We spent many days preparing, gathering resources and setting up stalls. We spent many months working on craft to sell and ideas...

November 17, 2017

Welcome back to another exiting episode of the Weekly Blog!

Fancy Friday!

Left to right - Lindsay, Matt, Ben, Josh and Wendy go 'fancy' on Fancy Friday. 

They say variety is the spice of life. These folk seem to think so. They decided that today shall be the very first Fancy Friday. Will it become a regular event? They say that the first step is the hardest. They say that fear cuts deeper than swords. Will 'Fancy Friday prevail? We will follow this story as it unfolds. 

Claire Tewkesbury - Children...

November 10, 2017

A return to normality this week after the excitement of Halloween. This week, we had Molly with us from Bexhill College on her work placement. The finishing touches have been added to parchment-made items for the Christmas Coffee Morning and Steve finally turned on the heating!

As some of you may know, Steve is not one to bow to peer pressure; he has a very strong stance on the heating at this time of year. Instead, he informs people to "wear more layers" or "do some vigorous exercise"...

November 3, 2017

As October ends, Halloween draws near. This week people have carved faces and pictures into pumpkins and put candles on the insides, others have decided to dress up and try to scare staff. Especially those in the office. Charlie jumped at the chance to attempt to scare Steve.

On Wednesday the 25th, Parchment attended The Big Gig at Sussex Coast College in Hastings, along with lots of other local organisations. We had a lot of good feedback from the stand. It was great to see so much of the good...