Welcome to the Co-op Blog!

Here you may read about all the wonderful things our users have been getting up to. We also hope the blog will be a place where users talk about a variety of things, whether it be issues affecting them day to day or what they have been watching on TV recently. 

We aim to release a 'Weekly Update' every Friday, which gives a brief summary of the weeks events, as well as occasional blogs from staff and service users about the Parchment experience.

November 18, 2016

Hello world! How is everybody? News from this week!

Return of the Matt

Matt is someone who used to work with us for 5 years here at Parchment. He did Co-op work and 2-1 work while he was here. He left to go start a new life in Austria with Anna who used to work on reception. Matt came to visit us on Tuesday and Thursday. It was nice to see Matt because we haven’t seen him for over 2 years!  Here is a picture of Matt in traditional Austrian costume - the kind he wears all the time when he is over...

Written by Dominic and Tim

'It has been a very normal week this week, with all the usual activities going on. We got another food donation from Tesco. People here at the co-op have made use of it and the rest has been going to a homeless shelter.

We are just getting ready for Christmas. There is a Parchment trust X-factor Christmas show coming soon. We are getting ready by finding lots of songs that people have wanted, ready to sing for their performances on the X-factor. We have also organised f...

November 7, 2016

This week as well as our regular activities, a group of guys have been on a day trip to the capital. We have a report from David on the trip and also piece by Barry and Charlie about a cooking session on Tuesday afternoon.

'We went to London on 4th November. We went by train and walked around Buckingham palace, went into a London museum called the national gallery. It was quiet on the train and the journey was alright. We walked around Buckingham palace. We had lunch at McDonalds and had to...

October 31, 2016

As of today, we are starting a new exciting blog! Hopefully this will be a chance for our users to get their say on the weeks' developments and activities. This should also give people a chance to catch a glimpse of what day to day life is like at the parchment.

We will try to have a wide variety of authors, who will probably tend to do things in their own style. We will aim to publish a weekly update on either Friday evening or Monday morning, depending on what turns out to be most convenient. 


October 31, 2016

This week has been a very spooky week. On Monday we made scary eyeball cakes with Theresa Natalie and Charlotte. It was Charlottes idea to bake originally but my idea to make the eyeball cakes. Me and charlotte also dressed up in our terrifying outfits, I was a skeleton and Charlotte was a vampire.

 We have also been pumpkin carving, which was messy but fun. Some of them turned out very good!
On Friday we did something a little special. We drove to Eastbourne college and they had all sorts of bi...